House evenings

The Leiden Debating Union meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both evenings start around 19:00 and both are open to all. While both evenings start around the same time, the evenings are not held at the same place. Tuesdays LDU meets at the B-wing of the KOG (Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw – Steenschuur 25, Leiden), while Thursdays are held at Plexus (Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden).

The evenings usually consist of having two debates which are then followed by drinks at the bar (which is usually “‘t Keizertje’). Members are then put into teams (or sometimes form them themselves) and are assigned a position within the debate. A motion is then announced, members scurry off to prepare and afterwards a debate is had. After the first debate, the result is announced and explained by experienced judges. The participants can then take that feedback into consideration when the second debate of the evening takes place. Obviously, if you don’t want to speak that evening, you can always (help) judging the debate or just watch it.

Sometimes, workshops are given by more experienced members. The topics can range from general debating strategies, to specific topics such as a particular conflict in a region. This usually means that LDU only does one debate on those evenings.

After all of the talking/debating/disagreeing has happened, we go to a bar for drinks. This is a fun way to unwind from a stressful day, catch up with friends, get to know each other better and (often) to continue debating in a more informal setting. Should you not be able to make it to the debating part of a particular evening, it’s nice to know that you can always just join up at the bar!

Tuesdays: starts at 19:00 at the KOG
Two debates followed by drinks at the bar
Thursdays: starts at 19:00 at Plexus
Two debates followed by drinks at the bar