About LDU

The Leiden Debating Union was founded in 2004. It started as a cooperation between international students who debated back home and the debating clubs of the big student societies of Leiden. What started out as a group of friends that particed debating together rapidly grew to a full student society.

Leiden Debating Union has an impressive international network of alumni. Many former exchange students still feel a strong connection with their old friends in Leiden. Since we are a young society we change each year when new members add their own flavor to our society.

What does LDU provide?
We give new members the chance to develop themselves greatly. Debating doesn’t only improve your public speaking skills, it also helps you with critical thinking. We help people develop those skills by organizing workshops, trainings and regular debate evenings. Member also get to travel to tournaments all around the world. Beside getting all these amazing skills, LDU also provides you with a place to meet lots of new people. The socials are a great place to meet new friends or see some old ones!