The Board

Every summer, the General Assembly elects a new board.

The 2020/2021 board consists of:



President: Angela Caredda
Hi! I am Angela, this year’s chair. I started debating during my bachelor in Maastricht. Today, four years later, I am doing my master in industrial ecology in Leiden and still love to debate. On rare occasions where I am not studying or doing something debate-related I love to read, knit, crochet, watch youtube videos about the evils of capitalism and do sports. I also teach pole fitness, so if you ever feel an urge to learn a new skill hit me up!


Secretary: Yakun Yang
Hello! I am Yang, this year’s secretary. I am a second-year Master student and just started debate at LDU since last winter. LDU is such a lovely organization and I absolutely enjoy learning to debate here! If you want to hang out with coolest people in Leiden, definetly join LDU!


Treasurer: Adeline Law
Hi, I’m Adeline, the treasurer for this year. I am a second year bachelor student. I first started debating when I was in high school and have continued ever since. That explains why I don’t really have a personality and have no life. However, aside from debating, I do enjoy less stressful hobbies like watching figure skating and movies. If you happen to wonder if I really have no personality, drop by at one of our debate nights to find out!


Training and development officer: Amal Maatoug
Hello I am the fourth member of our cute girlband, I mean board. I am Amal and I’ll be the training and development officer this year. I am a law and history student here in LA LA LA LEIDEN.
Apart from debating I like to stay very busy. For fun I like to run, sew (you can call me grandma) and listen to music, preferably with some friends. That’s about it for me. See you at the debate evenings. Peace out!

Internal Officer: Riccardo Tosellini

Hello! As the internal officer of this year I will organize the socials and spam you with reminders of our beautiful LDU activities. I study psychology and can definitely confirm that debating is the nootropic drug that increases your brainpower by one hundred percent, so come by sometime to give it a try!

If you would like to contact any of these wonderful people, please send an email to info(at)!