To make sure the society runs as smoothly as possible, the board can count on the support of a few committees. Those committees make sure some important tasks are taken care of.

Board Advisory Committee (BAC)

The BAC is the advisory body of the board. When facing difficult decisions, the board can ask the BAC for help. The BAC, existing of old board members, will then make sure the board will get all the support they need. When the board is failing to fulfil her duties, the BAC will control the board.

The current BAC exists of Gigi Gil (c), Lisa Schallenberg and Bionda Merckens (FOC).

Financial Oversight Committee (FOC)

The FOC is there to control the treasurer of the board and help that person, whenever needed.

The current FOC exists of Bionda Merckens (c) and Roel Becker.

Training & Development Committee (TDC)

The TDC is the committee that makes sure the house evenings are taken care of, concerning trainings, debate motions and good judging. Once in a while, the TDC will organise a workshop for all members.

The current TDC consists of Rogier Baart, Daan Welling, Roel Becker and Floris Holstege.

Introduction Committee (IC)

The Introduction Committee is a small group of members that makes sure we have a good introduction traject and the beginning of the academic year. They also take care of the promotion during the EL-CID and OWL-weeks.

The current IC consists of Lennart van Laake (c), Nina Ramaswamy, Jeroen Ginjaar and Andrew Silonero