Join LDU!

Why ?

Debating develops you in a way that no other sport does. You learn to listen, to speak in public, rebut smart arguments, and make your own arguments. Plus: it is also a lot of fun! You get to think and talk about a wide range of topics and meet a lot of fun people. Definitely try it out, even if you are not sure yet. You are welcome to participate at any time in the year, and for the first three evenings, you don’t have to be a member!

Becoming a member

You can become a member by filling in this form. Once sign up, your information will be sent into our administration and then you are officially a LDU member! Of course, it’s also possible to swing by at our debating evenings to fill in the form.

Anyone is welcome to join the Leiden Debating Union, and everyone is welcome at our evenings. If you’re interested in joining or just giving debating a try, please visit us on our Thursday or Tuesday meetings. If you have any questions before you drop by, don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail at leidendebating(at)!

What to do if you don’t want to be a member anymore?

The termination of an LDU membership is very simple. Just send an e-mail to our secretary:

It is good to take into account that the LDU operates per academic year. The year runs from the first of September until the 31st of August. This means that any form received after August 31 will be processed for the next year. So, you will still be a full member (that has to pay members fee) until it’s the 31st of August again.