For Companies


As one of the most renowned debating societies in the Netherlands, we have developed a strong competence in public speaking and communication. Top debaters winning European and World Championships and many prestigious tournaments can come to give workshops at your society, school, company, or political party.

At a competitive price, we offer high-quality workshops on ‘pitching’, public speaking, debating, argumentation, presentation skills or offer classes introducing you to debating.

We take every offer individually and decide about the program so that it matches the needs and expectations of our partners.

Please please send an email to our external officer to find out more and discuss our offer.


The Leiden Debating Union is always looking for new partners.

The members of the Leiden Debating Union are among the smartest students in the world, and debating makes them even smarter. Debating trains various skills, such as creative thinking, public speaking, argumentation and problem solving. That makes our debaters prime candidates for internships, jobs or think tanks.

If you, or your company, is interested in the talents of our fantastic students, don’t hesitate to contact us for information by contacting the president or at our general email info(at)